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Meet the managment team

Wayne Tucker

Starting at the young age of 15 working as a dishwasher in the restaurant industry, Chef Wayne Tucker worked his way up to becoming the head chef at Ricky's Vancouver.  He completed his training in Culinary Arts at VCC while working at Ricky's & in 2011 moved up to the Okanagan & opened his own restaurant with a passion to serve people excellently prepared, affordable food.

As well as owning the business, Chef Wayne manages some aspect of the Front of House, & all aspects of the kitchen.  From working on line, preparing plates for service, or working along side Sysco and Gordon Food Services to get the best product for a reasonable price, Chef Wayne strives to make sure that each customer comes eager to try the food & leaves wanting to come back for more.

Jennifer Tucker

Jennifer Tucker grew up cashiering in a family run small corner grocery store.  There she learned accounting & money management skills that have served well in preparing her for this position.

As co-owner, & Chef Wayne's wife, Jennifer manages front of house duties, the serving staff, & handles all the bookkeeping responsibilities for the restaurant.  She has been in this management position since the restaurants conception in 2011.

With her knowledge of finances, & Chef Wayne's knowledge of all things kitchen & restaurant related, they make a perfect team to serve their community.

Every successful business has a great team behind them, & Tucker's Restaurant Ltd. is no different.  Working underneath Chef Wayne & Jennifer is an exceptional team of line cooks, servers, & dishwashers that work to make sure every experience at Tucker's Restaurant Ltd. is memorable & enjoyable.

Tucker's Restaurant Ltd was started as a family business and on May 23, 2012, Wayne & Jennifer welcomed their daughter Emma Grace.  The desire to have Emma grow up in the restaurant business was important to Wayne & Jennifer.  However, Emma was born with an extremely rare, life limiting, neurodegenerative disease called Canavan Disease, which altered the plans that Wayne and Jennifer had for their family, & for the family run restaurant.


Emma passed away December 19, 2016 due to pneumonia complications due to Canavan's disease.  She was 4 1/2 years old.  The community of Armstrong was extremely supportive while Emma as alive, & they remain supportive even after Emma's passing.  Wayne & Jennifer remain as founding owners and operators of Tucker's Restaurant to thank & support the community that supported them.

During Emma's life, Canuck Place Children's Hospice was instrumental in caring for her, & supporting Wayne's & Jennifer's desires during her lifetime, & supporting Wayne & Jennifer emotionally after Emma's death.  You can find out more information about this wonderful charity & the work they do in helping medically fragile children & their families at https://www.canuckplace.org/

To learn about Canavan disease and how it affects the human body, please check out https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/canavan-disease or  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canavan_disease.

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